My Lot: a "lot" of fun, but not much money

I register with My Lot a couple of weeks ago and I just keep on posting since then and now, I reach more than 200 posts. I reply and start new discussions. And by doing so, I earn some money. Not much, unfortunately, but still, My Lot is a "lot" of fun (maybe it's because they call it that way). I earn 2.50$ so far with the program.

I enjoy My Lot and instead posting, which is the only way to earn money on My Lot (that + posting pictures), I spend way too much time on reading the posts... That's explain why I just have about 200 posts. The discussion are interesting and they are on a variety of subjects. My Lot users start different discussions every day, on several topics. My Lot have now more than 75 000 users worldwide.

When you register, you create a profile that will be put online. That way, if someone read one of your post and want to learn more about you, they just have to click on your pseudo and they will be relocate to your personal profile.

Why JulieSkyRock?

Well, it’s quite simple. If you are French, maybe you know the French radio call Sky Rock. I spend some time in France for my studies between 2001 and 2004 and I just love the Sky Rock Radio. I use to listen to it all time and I still do now, with the power of Internet. Fun Radio is also a good French radio, but I pick the pseudo JulieSkyRock because I like the sound of the name of the radio with my name add to it. That’s the story behind my cool pseudo at My Lot, JulieSkyRock. I also like JulieSky. Way too cool.

My blogs

Some of them are still under construction. Visit from time to time for catch some new useful tips.

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Here is the blog where you need to go if you want to see a pic of me:

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